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GT Radial


About GT Radial

The GT Radial brand is manufactured by the Giti Tyre Group which is now positioned within the top 15 largest tyre manufacturers in the world, in terms of volume and revenue. Offering a complete product range of passenger car, light truck, heavy truck and bus tyres to over 100 countries around the world.

Focus on quality

In each of GT Radial’s seven plants, the company sets the highest standard of quality control procedures. A highly stringent quality control system and concern for exceeding the safety and quality demands in regions across the globe separates the brand from the competition.

Top class R&D facilities & personnel

A team of over 600 experienced R&D engineers in five cutting-edge facilities around the world and top-quality equipment ensure the utmost quality of tyre production and delivery. With testing facilities at Horiba MIRA in the UK, Ivalo Finland and Idiada in Spain, GT Radial tyres are consistent and stringently tested to ensure the highest level of quality. 
Awards and recognition from the best
The company has earned extensive recognition from highly credited organisations around the world and some of the automotive industry’s largest names, including multiple top supplier awards from General Motors.

A long history of success

GT Radial’s roots go back over 60 years, consistently focusing on top quality production, performance, and safety. While the brand has certainly developed greatly throughout the years, the passion and desire to provide consumers with top quality tyres remains unchanged.

Respect around the world

GT Radial tyres are sold in nearly 100 countries around the world, and trusted by every type of individual, from the everyday driver to top motorsports performers. Through top performance and an extensive dealer network in all continents, the brand has a reputation for quality, performance, and safety.

A greater mission

GT Radial has an environmental and humanitarian drive that ties into all actions. The company particularly builds this into the areas of Tyre Usage, manufacturing processes, and Environmental Conservation.


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New GT Radial FE2 High Performance Tyre

GT Radial Sport Active 2

GT Radial Sport Active 2 SUV


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